Powered by AI, optimized for impact

Graphite runs on the first Topical SEO platform that uses specially trained AI to make our strategies actionable, sustainable and unmatchable.

What does this mean for you? Faster go-to-market, breakthrough results and, at the end of the day, more profitable growth.

Graphite has proven that SEO isn’t a mysterious black box. They take a systematic, guided approach to get repeatable results across many, many clients. Very, very impressive results.

Eva Tang


Head of Marketing



Topics are the new keywords

If a user searches for “apple pie”, are they interested in recipes? Nutritional value? History? Deeply understanding search intent is now essential to SEO. Enter topics.

Topics—which are clusters of keywords representing the same user intent—is the future of SEO. However, a Topical SEO strategy is significantly more complicated than a keywords-based one. Enter Graphite.


We make Topical SEO possible. And more powerful.

We trained AI to organize 200+ million keywords into topics, identify which topics are the most impactful for your business and even guide the writing of each article. That means you see greater impact in less time with less effort.








Know which topics matter most

Identifying which topics have the highest opportunity for creating the most impact is now as easy as entering a list of keywords. Our platform does the rest.

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Explore topics with confidence

Our platform uses machine learning to cluster 200M+ keywords into topics, making it a breeze to explore topic ideas.


Surface high-impact topics

Enter a list of keywords and Topic Explorer will instantly identify topics to focus on based on search volume and Topical Authority.


Build an effective content plan

Organize your topics into lists and build a content pipeline that maximizes results.


Take the guesswork out of creating and optimizing content

Since we know a user’s intent and which topics are key, we can focus on creating high-quality growth content. Our AI-powered platform makes this a breeze by generating content briefs, suggesting important terms and creating a time-saving outline.

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Fully satisfy search intent

Our platform provides a comprehensive understanding of search intent and recommends relevant subtopics and keywords to include.


Instantly craft the perfect brief

We train OpenAI with performance data to generate SEO-optimized outlines, providing your writers with a clear blueprint for success.


Increase your ranking success

Our content score predicts your chances to rank and provides clear steps to improve your content so it ranks higher.


Get more ROI out of every article

Minimal effort for more ROI? Now that’s velocity. Our platform gives you a high-level overview of your content SEO program and identifies the highest ROI activities that can be done to compound your results and improve your ranking.

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Unlock strategic insights

Keep track of important metrics and always have a clear picture of how your SEO program is performing.


Track and optimize your content

Monitor how specific content is doing over time and easily make ongoing improvements.


Get actionable recommendations

Our platform automatically identifies missing terms so you know exactly what to change to make your content better.

How can technology transform your trajectory?

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Ask us anything


What SEO tools does the platform replace?

Our end-to-end platform is designed to generate impact from all your content and SEO efforts. It takes the guesswork out of keyword research by using an AI-powered Topical SEO framework and enables your content and marketing teams to publish high-performing content in record time. It’s not meant to replace tools designed for deep, detailed keyword research or historical data tracking.


How much does it cost?

Our goal is to provide the best ROI in the industry. During the closed beta period, pricing will be determined based on how much content you’re producing, the size of your website and other factors. Excited to learn more? Set up a call so we can go over specific pricing details.


Who on my team will benefit the most?

Anyone who touches content will benefit greatly from our platform. Marketers can identify impactful topics and assign articles, writers can save time with automatically generated content outlines and anyone else who’s curious can access performance metrics.


Does the platform include consulting support?

Our platform is designed to be intuitive, effective and self-service, but we’re also available for more in-depth partnerships. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive SEO strategy, help with writing content or something else, our team of growth experts is here to help.


What proprietary tools do you use?

We have two that make SEO so much easier. Our Internal Link API (ILAPI) increases traffic to your site by connecting all page types (articles, products, categories, etc.) in an optimal way for both users and bots. Our Topical SEO platform is a proprietary content tool that allows you to determine high-impact keyword opportunities based on topical relevance, guide the writing of high-performing content and optimize current content.