Introducing The Graphite Platform.
Built For Topics. Built With AI.

Our research shows

of SEO work 
is wasted effort

We analyzed the blogs of 3,000 sites and found that it’s common for 95% of pages to drive less than 5% of traffic.

This ratio represents the 50th percentile of all blogs in the study.

the solution

Introducing the Graphite Platform, your guide to the 5% that matters.

Keyword-based SEO is outdated and no longer effective. Unlike other solutions, our platform is built for topics, helping you save time, find focus and accelerate impact.

Created by experts so you can be one, too

MasterClass, Webflow and BetterUp have trusted Graphite to execute SEO strategies that result in hyper growth. We have taken our deep experience in Topical SEO and built a platform that empowers anyone to create high quality, high ranking content.

Purposely built with fewer features

Our platform only includes features that have been rigorously tested to drive outcomes. That way you get a guided, streamlined experience that ensures that you avoid low impact work and focus on what actually drives results.

Powerful insights
without the heavy lifting

Complex spreadsheets and existing tools require a lot of manual effort to produce useful insights. Our platform continuously analyzes your SEO data and automatically surfaces contextual, high impact insights that you can immediately take action on.

Maximize productivity with thoughtfully layered AI

AI doesn’t replace humans, but it can make us much more effective. Researching topics, generating content briefs and optimizing performance are easier and faster thanks to our SEO trained AI that goes far beyond just using LLMs.

GRowth Stories

Fourthwall increased search revenue by 500% in 5 months

Practice increased quarterly deal flow by over $100K


Know which topics matter most

Inaccurate data leads to content that underperforms or doesn’t perform at all. We’ve built the first database for topics that helps you make smarter, more impactful decisions.

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Get topic data in seconds

Our Topic Graph uses machine learning to cluster 200M+ keywords into topics. Instead of laboring to piece together topics with keyword tools, our platform helps you effortlessly find relevant topics.


Understand your topical authority

Our proprietary Topical Authority score uses an embeddings model to identify topics where you have a higher likelihood to rank, helping you better prioritize and compound impact across all your content.


Build a high velocity roadmap

Our platform proactively recommends relevant topic opportunities and helps you build a comprehensive, well-researched, high impact content roadmap in hours.


Take the guesswork out of high performing content

Writing for search engines can feel unnatural and complicated. Our Writing Assistant gives your writers a detailed blueprint for success with clear guidance on how to maximize SEO impact.

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Write for topics instead of keywords

Our Writing Assistant helps you produce content that fully addresses the intent of a topic, helping you maximize traffic and ROI by ranking across hundreds of keywords with a single article.


Consistently create quality content

From prioritized term suggestions to real-time competitor data, our platform makes it easy to identify patterns in the SERP. From there, our deep learning model determines how well your content covers the the topic and generates a content score that helps writers understand the quality of the article.


Add relevant internal links

Our embeddings model is based on search data and will automatically surface highly relevant internal linking opportunities, ensuring that your entire content library benefits from traffic maximizing links.


Get more ROI out of every page

Minimal effort for more ROI? Now that’s velocity. Our platform gives you a high-level overview of your content SEO program and identifies the highest ROI activities that can be done to compound your results and improve your ranking.

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Find optimization opportunities

Our platform connects to GSC and automatically calculates the content score and Topical Authority for every page so you always have a clear view of what optimizations will yield the greatest impact.


Maximize your content performance

As user intent and competition changes, so do rankings on the SERPs. Our platform monitors your content cohorts, helping you make the right optimizations at the right time.


Access advanced insights

Our dashboards merge multiple datasets (i.e. GSC, SERPs, and on-page data) into a single view. This unlocks deeper insights and creates a more holistic picture of how your SEO program is performing.

Avoid the 95% of SEO effort that’s wasted.

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Frequently asked questions


What SEO tools does the platform replace?

Our end-to-end platform is designed to generate impact from all your content and SEO efforts. It takes the guesswork out of keyword research by using an AI-powered Topical SEO framework and enables your content and marketing teams to publish high-performing content in record time. It’s not meant to replace tools designed for deep, detailed keyword research or historical data tracking.


How much does it cost?

Our goal is to provide the best ROI in the industry. Pricing will be determined based on how much content you’re producing, the size of your website and other factors. Excited to learn more? Set up a call so we can go over specific pricing details.


Who on my team will benefit the most?

Anyone who touches content will benefit greatly from our platform. Marketers can identify impactful topics and assign articles, writers can save time with automatically generated content outlines and anyone else who’s curious can access performance metrics.


Does the platform include consulting support?

Our platform is designed to be intuitive, effective and self-service, but we’re also available for more in-depth partnerships. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive SEO strategy, help with writing content or something else, our team of growth experts is here to help.


What proprietary tools do you use?

We have two that make SEO so much easier. Our Internal Link API (ILAPI) increases traffic to your site by connecting all page types (articles, products, categories, etc.) in an optimal way for both users and bots. Our Topical SEO platform is a proprietary content tool that allows you to determine high-impact keyword opportunities based on topical relevance, guide the writing of high-performing content and optimize current content.