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Streamline workflows, make more informed decisions and deliver high-impact growth with Graphite’s full-stack, AI-powered SEO platform. It’s the superpower you won’t believe you ever lived without.

So excited that the world now has access to Graphite’s winning SEO strategies and technology. I love how the platform makes topic clustering and content prioritization more precise and impactful.

Eli Schwartz


Product lead SEO

Graphite has proven that SEO isn’t a mysterious black box. They take a systematic, guided approach to get repeatable results across many, many clients. Very, very impressive results.

Eva Tang


Head of Marketing

Before Graphite, we were probably a 3 out of 10 when it comes to SEO. With access to the platform and the Graphite team, we’ve jumped to a 9 out of 10 in a matter of months.

Will Baumann


Fourthwall, CEO


The better way to plan, publish and optimize content

Keyword-based SEO is outdated and no longer effective. Unlike other solutions, our platform is built for topics, helping you and your clients save time, find focus and accelerate impact.

Cluster keywords instantly

Our platform uses an embeddings model, comprising 200M+ keywords and billions of SERPs, so you can generate high-quality keyword clusters in seconds instead of hours. Combine these clusters with our Topical Authority score and greatly increase the likelihood of ranking higher.

Create roadmaps that help you prioritize

Generate content roadmaps that incorporate Topical Authority scores so you know which efforts will lead to the most impact. Our study shows that you can see results 57% faster by prioritizing content with high Topical Authority. Our platform will help you do just that.

Organize impactful client data

We analyze and interpret client data so you don’t have to. See which pages could benefit from internal linking, which keywords and clusters will grow Topical Authority, which terms address the true intent of a topic, and much more.

GRowth Stories

Fourthwall increased search revenue by 936% in 9 months


Purposely built to help
you drive impact

The Graphite Platform helps you identify the 5% of SEO work that actually matters. This results in a more guided experience that enables any SEO marketer, writer or leader to successfully grow the channel.

SEO agencies

For years, our Topical SEO platform has powered research, prioritization, writing and optimization for our own agency. Now, you can benefit from our tech to automate important but tedious SEO work and perform certain tasks faster and better than a human can.

Content agencies

Many of our most successful customers have little to no SEO expertise. Our platform provides you with a system to drive SEO impact that you can easily incorporate into your existing workflows.


Content strategy work that used to take weeks now take hours. From generating content briefs with our SEO-trained AI to ranking for hundreds of keywords with a single article, our platform can help you stay lean while still delivering high-quality work.

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