Case Study

How BetterUp increased monthly traffic from 16K to 4M

Jose Luis Paredes, PhD

Data Specialist

The Challenge

BetterUp embodies and promotes excellence and wanted its blog to do the same.

The award-winning coaching business’ Whole Person™ platform—backed by expert knowledge from behavioral scientists, AI technology, and top-notch coaching techniques—had successfully transformed performance and development for numerous individuals, teams, and organizations. But growth is a never-ending journey, and like its clients, BetterUp was eager to forge ahead.

BetterUp had proven its proprietary methods capable of optimizing mental fitness and potential and was intent on reaching a wider audience. Its team knew the key to connecting with more people was establishing the brand as an industry authority—one that potential clients and the coaching-curious could trust.

But how could an already-successful brand become the voice of a rapidly expanding industry?

The Solution

BetterUp approached Graphite to assist on a comprehensive SEO and editorial strategy. To identify high impact initiatives, the teams analyzed existing site performance and competitors to uncover the biggest levers for growth. Based on this research and the calculated opportunity size for career-focused educational queries, the in-house BetterUp SEO team and Graphite decided to focus on editorial content as a key growth driver.

To accelerate the time to business results, the team focused on growing topical authority in categories that matched BetterUp’s audience needs: career development and professional wellness.


High Impact Initiatives

Graphite’s approach to SEO is to focus on the top 5% of activities that drive high impact— we call these High Impact Initiatives (or HIIs). Across all our clients, these initiatives have consistently driven step-level traffic and revenue gains.

Topical SEO–the key to addressing user intent and establishing BetterUp as an industry authority.


Scaling content production to 40 articles per month

Using Topic Explorer, Graphite identified high impact content clusters and gathered detailed insights on SERP features, browser intent, and page types. They then worked alongside the BetterUp team to prioritize content based on traffic potential, topical authority, and business value. As results started to compound, content production increased to 40 articles per month.


Building a path from traffic growth to conversions and revenue

While growing traffic is valuable, the ultimate goal is to increase revenue. To complement the increase in web visits from new content, Graphite also worked with BetterUp to improve conversion rate of blog articles by testing various designs to increase email submissions and D2C subscriptions.

The Results


Becoming a trusted voice in the coaching industry.

BetterUp’s editorial content has had a big impact on the website’s organic traffic. By developing thoughtful, helpful editorial content to educate and empathize with the questions and challenges of its target audience, BetterUp has achieved strong authority in relevant content pillars, including professional development and mental wellbeing. As a result, blog traffic has increased from 16K to 4M.


Creating more revenue opportunities by improving conversion.

With increased blog traffic, BetterUp was able to run more CRO initiatives and experiments, leading to an increase in email capture conversion rate from blog traffic every month since tracking began in October 2022.



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